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Transportation Day 2016 at Bet Yeladim Preschool

Warbirds Over Delaware 2016 "Clowning Flight"

Lockheed T 33 Jet Trainers in Flight

SWAPRC Fun Fly 8-13-2016

Rhinebeck Air Show courtesy of Greg Gee

      Charm City Fly In - Sept. 2016

            (Photos courtesy of Roman DA Photography)

Helo at SWAPRC Field

Stan "Doc" Blum Helo flying

Approx. 10 foot wingspan Timber plane


Dave Zisow's scratch built 1/3 scale Cub finally has a successful flight 

Bob Kelliher "shows off" some nice flying skills!

Bob Pollokoff flies his Riley Model B with a Moki 

Pat Murphy pilots maiden flight of his Jet

Digger's Jet is really fast!

Justin's Landing

Nice 1/3 scale Cub J-3 flight and landing

Justin & Digger Tandem Flying August 2017

Art's Stinson Voyager maiden flight

Rodney's P-47 re-maiden Flight

Dale's Sopwith Pup maiden flight

Dale's Sopwith Pup Flight #2

Greg's P-47 maiden flight

Rodney's L4 Grasshopper maiden flight

 2017 Charm City Memorial Fly In

                                            photography courtesy of Earl Deickman

WJZ TV spot for 2017 Charm City Memorial Fly-In

Bob Pollokoff flying Gear 360 over Southwest Area Park in Baltimore, MD

(to see 360 degree views, hold down left mouse click and move view)

more Bob Pollokoff flying Gear 360 video

(to see 360 degree views, hold down left mouse click and move view)

Photos & Video from 2018 SWAPRC-Charm City Fly-In

2018 p1.jpg
2018 p3b.jpg
2018 p3a.jpg
2018 p4.jpg
2018 p5b.jpg
2018 p5a.jpg
2018 p6.jpg

Amazing Footage of Bob taking out a tree doing candy drop at 2018 Fly-In.  Great video shot by Art from a drone over SWAPRC field.

SWAPRC 2018 Fly-In Slide Show

SWAPRC 2019 Fly-In Video

FOX News TV spots and spot during Ravens vs Browns football game promoting 2019 SWAPRC Charm City Fly-In

                             Kenny Wilson flying his jet, a modified J10 EDF

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