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Aircraft Finish:

□  Covering
Check fabric/covering for loose seams, fraying, tightness, and pulling free from structure.

□  Fiberglass
Check for cracking, delaminating, and durability.

□  Paint
Check for chipping, cracking, lifting, and touch up any hanger rash.

□  Markings
Double check all markings if not painted on model to make sure they are not lifting.


□  General Structure
Check all exposed internal structure elements are secure including servo trays, exposed formers, wing bolt plates, etc.

□  Control Surfaces
Make sure all control surfaces are tight but not binding, and move within the needed range of motion.

□  Hinges/Linkages
Verify that hinges are secure and none are broken or worn. Replace if needed. Verify all linkages are secure and not looser “sloppy”.

□  Balance
Verify center of gravity (CG) and lateral balance.
□  Misc Areas

Make sure all hatches, access panels, and cowl fasteners are secure and not worn/stripped.
□  Cowl/Canopy
Make sure cowl and canopy are secure and not cracked or working loose.
Landing Gear

□  Landing Gear
Check general condition of landing gear / retracts for proper operation and clearance.

□  Wheels
Inspect and verify they spin freely and check for tightness of wheel collars/nuts.

□  Alignment
Verify all wheels track correctly.

□  Air system
Verify air system holds air in both retract positions (if installed).

Fuel System:

□  Fuel Tank
Check for leaks and check front screw for tightness. Verify fuel tank is secure in aircraft and that the clunk moves freely. Replace internal lines if necessary.

□  Fuel Lines
Check for leaks and/or blockage. Replace if necessary.

□  Filter/Pump
Check for stoppage. Clean or replace if necessary.

Engine & Propeller:

□  Mounting
Make sure motor / engine is secured to mount.

□  Muffler
Mounted securely and not leaking around exhaust manifold.

□  Engine/Motor
Verify engine/motor is operating properly and safely.

□  Propeller
Check for nicks or cracks and check propeller balance before mounting on engine.

□  Spinner/Nut
Check condition and tightness.

Radio / Electrical:

□  Servos
Verify all servos are securely mounted to the aircraft, operating properly, not binding, and servo arms secure.

□  Receiver
Ensure it is mounted securely but protected by foam. Check antenna to ensure it’s properly routed and secure.

□  Switch(s)
Ensure they are functioning properly. Old switches can have worn contacts that lead to power interruption.

□  Battery
Cycle and check charge level and capacity and replace if necessary.

□  Extensions/Leads
Check all connectors and wires for fraying or breaks.

□  Range Check
Range check model at flying field before flying it.

Identification Info:

□  Contact information

Make sure your contact information is inside the aircraft.  AMA # and FAA # also clearly marked someplace on the aircraft.

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