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Tom Kowalski is "thinning his herd":

If any of you are interested in purchasing some very nice and well maintained planes and equipment he has some great deals .  His collection includes a Hangar 9 CAP 232, aerobatic bipes, big gassers, small electrics, warbirds, etc.  Contact Tom at 410-719-8682 or email

Tom Sussman is "cleaning his hangar":

I have for sale a Hangar 9 27% cap 232 brand new never assembled for sale as well as a desert aircraft 50cc gasoline engine Pitts style Muffler and 5 servos, as well as other small odds and ends. The servos are JR 8411's I believe. I'm asking $1300 for everything. Please let anyone in the club that may be interested. 

You can call or text me at...

(410) 487-3115  

Garnett is not a SWAPRC member but "would like to find a good home for his helo's": 2 RC helo’s, 40 & 60 size.  In addition to the below items he has a radio, misc parts, blades, etc. All will go with the helo's.  “Make an offer” -  no reasonable offer refused. His contact info is : Garnett B. / 443-253-5915 / / He lives in Baltimore County - Towson Lutherville area - if anyone wants to do a ‘drive by’ to view. 

Michael Laureno is moving and must sell:

I am a retired member of "Free State Aeromodelers" Laurel, Md. and am now moving from Ellicott City. I have been selling off ARF's, Kits, Engines, Glow & Gas items. These are N.I.B and others nearly new.  ( the junk stuff has already been tossed )  I have attached some images for your members to review.  I also have N.I.B Glow Engines from Saito / O.S. that I can send. 


The ARF is a Futana 90S with a Saito 150. The plane is new as is all the JR  HD digital Servos. The engine I bought used in good shape. This combo has never been in the air. The decals are custom made RED BULL for this plane. L/G etc. is in the box.  Price $250.  Gotta GO ! 


Hanger 9 Extra 540 78"ws.  N.I.B.  Price $150  

Michael Laureno
Ellicott City, Md. 21043

Antonio Herold must sell:

A friend and I were going to start building quads and selling them.  However, he lost his contract and that ship has sailed, so I have to get rid of a lot of quad stuff. Below is what I have available.  Everything is new in the box unless otherwise noted. Two are ARFS.  If not new, it has been test flown only.  Everything listed is numbered in the pic.


1.    X-4 FPV Fiberglass 485mm quad frame $45.00 (2 available)

2.    580 Folding quad with retractable landing gear and DJI Naza with GPS.  RTF blades and receiver.  Test flown only.  Carbon and aluminum construction. $300.00

3.    470 Folding quad with DJI Naza with GPS.  RTF minus blades and receiver. Needs one esc. Test flown only.  Carbon and aluminum construction.  $220.00

4.    NIB Frysky Horus X12s radio.  Updated only, never used.  Has Full telemetry, voice, bluetooth, Hall effect CNC gimbals, GPS, accelerometers, the works. $420.00

5.    Minihex frame $32.00

6.    Turnigy Talon hex frame $60.00

7.    X900 Tricopter frame $25.00

8.    Turnigy Talon quad frame $50.00 

9.    650x hex frame with crab landing gear $30.00

10.  Quanum Venture Frame $40.00




Call or Text

Charles Haupt must sell:

Charlie has been a member of SWAPRC for 14 years and must sell his planes.

1.) A 120 size Hangar 9 Funtana with an OS 1.20.  Ready to fly including Spectrum Receiver, just needs a new receiver  battery.

2.) Extra 260 with an OS 1.60 same as Funtana ready to fly except for a new receiver battery needed.

3.) T-28 Trojan 60 size with an OS .75

4.) Two 40 size planes; a German War Bird and a Caprice by Lanier.

$1,500 takes all five planes great starter fleet for a new member.

Pictures are below.  Charlie lives in Brooklyn Park, so he's not far from the field if anyone is interested in seeing the planes.  

Contact Charlie via email at

Antonio Herold must sell:


Antonio (Tone) Herold has a 60" Electric Extra he wants to sell.  Only flown twice. No crashes.  Set up for a 6-cell Lipo.  Photo attached. 

If interested call or text him at: 410-303-9070.

Tone Extra for sale.jpg

Jerry Canfiield:  Spektrum radio equipment to sell & an offer to buy. 

Selling 2  DX8 transmitters @ $140 each

and selling 2 Dx6i transmitters @ $65 each, or both for $110

Wants to buy a DX6e transmitter if you have one to sell

If interested contact Jerry at: or call him at: 410-971-0418

Maureen Asper:  RC collection to sell. 

Call or Text 717-439-4379 to see; Located near Lisburn (Mechanicsburg Area) 

My husband passed away and I am finally getting around to selling all his RC planes. I thought that you might know people in your club who may be interested in some nice planes.  I live south of Harrisburg so it wouldn't be too far for someone to come see what I have.  Click here to see what I have for sale.

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